Schweizer Umweltschützer finden Unmengen von Plastik im Sand von Anakena


Schweizer Fachleute waren vom 23. Bis 28. Mai auf der Osterinsel und haben in der Bucht von Anakena Plastikreste in einem Quadrat von 55 x 55 Zentimetern gesammelt.
Das Ergebnis ist erschreckend. 

The Race for Water Foundation is a charity based in Switzerland dedicated to water preservation. Today, this vital resource is in serious danger. It has to be protected. To learn, share and act on our Water Footprint and Marine Plastic Pollution are the main issues the Foundation focuses on.

Together we will preserve water, the most precious resource on the planet.


A water footprint is a formula that calculates the quantity of water required to manufacture a product. People consume a lot of water for drinking, cooking, washing, but they use even more for the production of food, paper, cotton clothing, etc.
A water footprint is an indicator of the direct and indirect use of water by a consumer or a manufacturer. The water footprint of an individual, community or business is defined as the total volume of freshwater needed for the production of goods and services consumed by the individual or community, or produced by the business.

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Wir bedanken uns bei Peter Naef (Hangaroa) für die Information und bei der Pressestelle von Race of Water für die Fotos.